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Fin de vie du MultiModem II MT5600BA de MultiTech
Fin de vie du MultiModem II MT5600BA de MultiTech
Par Romain Doussau dans actualité Publié 13 octobre 2016 0 Commentaires

MultiModem® II Mission-Critical V.92 Corporate Analog Modems (MT5600BA)

Due to diminishing demand and high minimum order quantities for critical components, the status of the MultiModem® II family of analog modems are changing status from Active to Near-End-of-Life (NEOL) effective immediately. MultiTech has a limited supply of the necessary components to build all the models in this announcement. Orders will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

While there are no direct replacement models, MultiTech offers a full line of external analog modems that could be used in place of the MultiModem II series for most use cases. Please consult with your MultiTech sales representative to see which model is best suited to meet your needs.

NEOL Ordering Part Numbers


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